• Erica Dee Get's ready to perform with the Fungineers

  • The LIBRARIAN Sunday night on MAIN STAGE !

  • Luiciterra gives another stunning performance on Main Stage

  • The crowd fills up Main Stage

  • The SLAY BAY dance floor was a favourite spot this year

  • Daega Sound delivers another musical masterpiece

  • It's just not Bass Coast without Sweet Soul Burlesque

  • Twerking Workshop at Slay Bay ! Enough said...

  • Machinedrum headlines Main Stage

  • Mousai joins forces with the Bass Bus at The Bigger Brain

  • Floating down the river never gets old!

  • Warm water and Merritt heat = daytime river party

  • J-pod at the Radio Stage, working with Bass Coast resident Photographer Rebecca M. !

  • Erica Dee...just beautiful.

  • Our Volunteer Manager Ruhamma! Just another good reason to volunteer :)

  • An indian spice cooking workshop at The Bigger Brain

  • Radio Stage goes off!

  • Morning Yoga class at the the Altar

  • There is something for everyone at Bass Coast

  • Main Stage performance lights up the night.

  • The one and only BLONDTRON!

  • We love ravers

  • Bass Coast is accessible to everyone.

  • Zebra flash mob.

  • Daytime chill out on the river.

  • Behind the scenes at Main Stage.

  • We are all Bass Coast.

Bass Coast Festival 2014 is on- Day passes available!

Join us at BASS COAST 2014! Gate Prices – Cash only $250 FRIDAY – FULL WEEKEND PASS $150 SAT & SUN 10am onwards $85 SUN 10am onwards

Bass Coast Survival Guide for People Who Read Survival Guides

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The Faery Godmother of Festivals

Bass Coast Festival’s communications manager, Paul Brooks, originally wrote this piece for The Calgary Journal. Bass Coast is proud to work with Kelsey Faery and her brilliant team.  A new breed of music festival is […]

Health Tips from the Sanctuary Team

The Bass Coast 2014 Sanctuary Crew is looking forward to seeing everyone really soon!  Not sure what this team is all about?  Take a peek at the just – released map for the new layout […]

Bass Coast 2014 Official Mix Series- Luke McKeehan

Next up in our Official Mix Series is live session from Nordic Trax label boss, Luke McKeehan. A producer and globe-trotting deejay in his own right, McKeehan was named among the Top 50 Artists & Entertainers […]

Bass Coast 2014 Layout

Introducing Bass Coast 6. All of the stages are new, unique & enclosed installation environments. Pirate Radio stage, Slay Bay stage, and 50 pieces of installation art are in the trees. Vendors are situated along […]


  Show us your phi. We have to hand it to Michael Red for coming up with this concept. Michael sent us a  photo of himself at the Pyramid of Niches in El Tajín, throwing up a phi (above). We […]

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