We started Bass Coast Festival 5 years ago in our hometown of Squamish, with the intention of staying there forever.  There are 200 private residences within a 5-kilometer radius of the Squamish site and the sound and road traffic associated with our festival was having a negative impact on people in the neighbourhood.  People’s living rooms were vibrating, rural roads were taking a beating and horses and livestock were spooked.  We were being bad neighbours.

Bass Coast Festival is about love and community and we felt it wasn’t right promoting these values while upsetting locals.

Residents around the Squamish site actually banded together to make changes to the area’s zoning, limiting traffic and capping acceptable decibel levels.  Had we wished to stay in our original location, we would have had to change our scheduling, cut attendance and turn the music down drastically.  Bass Coast would not have been the same experience.

We took our time and carefully searched for a new site that met our long list of requirements.  The moment we stepped foot on this land, it felt right and we both knew we’d found HOME.  Merritt is a very welcoming community and it’s actually zoned for music festivals!

Our new home is a naturally beautiful gorge in the hot Nicola Valley.  The festival site is an oasis with shade, plenty of water, big skies and ample space for our community to dream.  Bass Coast Festival is an intimate experience.  We’re not growing the festival attendance wise.  Attendance is capped and people have ample space to express themselves

We can’t wait to show our family of Bass Coast’ers around and to share in the excitement of year one all over again!