Our Vision

Regarded as one of Canada’s premier multidisciplinary festivals, Bass Coast is an eclectic offering of emerging electronic music, art, ideas, and technology. Bass Coast exists outside of typical festival formats by continuously evolving and expanding its vision of innovation, education, community, and creation.


Each year, Bass Coast curates an original and enriched electronic music and art landscape. The festival’s leading-edge programming features entertainers and artists from around the globe on four technologically lush outdoor stages. The festival grounds, located in the majestic Nicola Valley, offer unparalleled natural beauty- a meandering river, shady forests and an expressive wide-open sky. Multimedia installation art, performance art and workshops round out round the unforgettable Bass Coast experience.

Over the years Bass Coast has hosted hundreds of unique performers from around the world, including Machinedrum (USA), Goth Trad (Japan), DBridge (UK), Om Unit (UK), Jimmy Edgar (USA/Germany), Jets (USA/Germany), Sepalcure (USA), J Phlip (USA), Justin Martin (USA), Christian Martin (USA), EPROM (USA), Grenier (USA), Marty Party (USA), An-ten-nae (USA), Comma, Jacques Greene (Canada), Bluetech (USA), Random Rab (USA), Alphabets Heaven (UK), and many more.